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Looking for good credit cards

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Hey guys,

I hope I am in right place to ask this. My lowest fico is 759,my highest is 794.

Problem I have is I kinda took myself off the credit card market a couple years ago and now I have no idea which ones would be worth my time.

Here is what I am looking for:

Low apr

Low fees

High credit limit

Company cares about yu

My credit is excellant and annual income is about 55k.

Would appreciate any input from all of you.


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cajun, if you decide to apply for multiple cards make sure you do it immediately one after the other. Often this way lenders don't see inquiries from other lenders.

While we are on the subject - which cards have the best rewards programs?

I'm talking about general rewards which can be exchanged for anything rather then specific airline or hotel rewards.

I already have BoA's Worldpoints card...

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Thank you for responses so far. Juniper looks real good. If I decide to get credit

cards,it will be a couple at the same time to limit those darn inqs. I will not really need credit pull database as I am daily flooded with credit offers and my scores are excellant. Any more ideas people! Thanks!

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I been studying for about a month now. My last post was just seeing who has the best prime cards and I got some good feedback. Thank all of you for that. I still have not decided which card to acquire yet. For right now I am transfering money from a Capital one unsecured line of credit to checking account to let it gather dust and give me some credit use on my reports since they seem to have outdone themselves by reporting everything with that loan correctly!:shock: I guess in near future I will have to decide which prime card to get and use about once a month since only thing on my reports now is my mortgage. Need to build up a little useage so I can get ready to build new home. Any ideas from the pros are welcomed.

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This is the first clue you've given us as to what's on your reports. Just a mortgage. There's more to having "excellent credit" than a high credit score... you don't just automatically get your pick of "which prime cards to acquire" if you have no credit history! The holy grail of high limits, low rates and instant approval are generally reserved for people with regular, proven credit histories. You'll have to earn your way to that. :)

Now, maybe there's something we don't know... like if you took yourself off the credit card market only a couple of years ago, how is it that you have nothing on your reports except a mortgage? Why are your previous cards not there?

Please clarify what your credit picture is actually like, or no one will be able to help you.

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I forgot to mention that I have had positive revolving since 1991. I recently transferred all balances to a couple very low fixed chase cards and closed excess cards.:roll: I almost got in trouble with my credit cards so I balance

transferred and closed cards. I know dumb move but it was too late to reopen.

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