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I requested verification of a HSBC Acct, No Response

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I requested verification of an HSBC acct and havent recieved a response. They recieved my letter 30 days ago. I am watching the dispute of the account being reported to TU and EQ. I have no knowledge of this account, and I dont know what it is because ive never had anything with HSBC.

Since I live in Florida, I CAN DV the OC.

This is what I sent them:

Re: Acct #xxxxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently received a letter from a company claiming to have purchased a debt of mine from your company. Having no knowledge of such a debt with your company, I disputed their claims, as well as checked my credit report for accuracy.

I found an entry from your company that I have no knowledge of. I disputed the account with the credit bureaus, on 9/29/2006 with Trans Union and Equifax, and the account came back as verified with updated information. The information provided by each company on the account is different except for the high balance of the account.

Under the FACTA laws you are required to furnish me with documentation regarding information you are reporting to the credit bureaus upon my request. Please furnish me with documentation supporting the information that has been reported to the credit bureaus.

I would like to see at a minimum an application for credit bearing my signature, and documentation showing a billing history supporting the amount that is being reported to the credit bureaus. If this is not provided within 30 days of your receipt of this request, I will assume you have no documentation and provided the credit bureaus with inaccurate information, which should be promptly removed.



Since I have not heard from them, I am doing as I stated. Should I send them another letter? They recieved this one 11/1/06.

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