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Scores on 3N1 different than individual reports


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Hi everyone!

Today I bought the 3 N 1 report through Experian's website.

Then I bought each individual report from each Credit Reporting Agency.

Thing is..........

3-N-1 Score for Experian matches the Score reported when buying a single report from Experian

3-N-1 Score for Equifax is 12 points lower than the Score reported when buying a single report from Equifax

3-N-1 Score for TransUnion is 42 points higher than the Score reported when buying a single report from TransUnion

Why is this........?

however, at the bottom of the 3-N-1, the following is stated:

"Your PLUS Score was calculated using your actual data from your credit file on the day that you requested your

report, making it comparable to most scoring models in the industry. Keep in mind however that other factors, such

as length of employment and annual salary, are often taken into consideration by lenders when making decisions

about you."

Again, so why are they different?


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That 3 in 1 probably reports FAKO's, while the reports directly from the companies in question are FICO's? That's my best guess.

Everyone seems to use slightly different scoring methods and models. Don't expect numbers from different sources to ever match up. They never do.

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Thanks for the information about myfico.com . Although my FICO scores for TransUnion and Experian where higher than those bogus "Experian Plus", "TransUnion TransRisk New Account Credit Score", and "All-N-1" scores, I am really disgusted with the fact that Experian and TransUnion have the nerve to sell these so called "Fake-O" scores. I think that the goal is to have you enroll in those "creditWatch/credit protection" programs for billed monthly. This is nothing more than a scam in my opinion because the scores are totally useless. No lender cares about a "Plus" score. Between the 3-N-1 and the Individual Reports (not counting Equifax), I am out of about $70 bucks. What a crock! Live and learn I guess.

Thanks again.

THE FINE PRINT (at the bottom of these Fake-O reports)

"The PLUS ScoreSM, developed by Experian, is not an endorsement or guarantee of your credit worthiness as seen by

lenders. The different risk levels presented here are for educational use only."

"TrueLink is not connected in any way with Fair, Isaac and

Company; the credit score provided here is not a so-called FICO score..................

TrueCredit features TransUnion data for all complimentary credit scores as well as fraud-watch emails.

TrueCredit is a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion."

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