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Re-opening a charge-off store charge card

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I have both a QVC card and a Goody's card that I let go into collection because I was out of work for a while and then worked at a very low paying job and just in the past few months I've gotten back on my feet with a new steady job. Any way, I want to know how I might go about asking these companies to re-open these accounts if I pay the old balances?

I'm looking for a sample letter to do so, and who should I cantact? The customer service dept or the office of the president of the companies? (or anyone else for that matter)

Some guidence, please! These are my oldest accounts, that's the main reason I want to open them back up, that and my wife loves shopping at both. So now that I'm more knowledgable on how to properly use these charge cards (from all I've learned here at this site, others and books on the subject) I think I can make them work to my advantage if they were re-opened. Just use them every month, small purchases and pay them off every month. My wife buy's at one of the other at least once a month anyway, so it's not like I'm going and buying something I wasn't going to. I might as well get credit for what I spend there.

Thank you!!!

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