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I am trying to find a good loan program that can calculate auto loans. I found some on the web but they just won't work right. They won't let me figure in extra payments nor figure in the 45 day grace period interest at the beginning of the loan.

The first program that I downloaded gave me diff numbers as in payments and total payments. I took that printout back to dealership but the finance manager told me that he couldn't help me figure it out. So I took it to my bank. She entered all the info and came up with the exact same amount that dealer did. So I at least know the numbers are right on the contract. She told me that my software isn't figuring the interest on the 45 day grace period. I entered the contract date as well as the date of first payment but it just won't do it.

Anyone know of a loan program that will accomplish this?

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Actually, I found one a day after posting this. It's called Loan Amoritizer - Enterprise Edition. They have a Pro version but the Ent edition has more features. It will handle extra payments and over payments. It calculated my loan down to the penny from what they had. It will also print out payment coupons and give very detailed amoritized statements (hence the name..lol).

Thanks for your input.

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