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MyFico and the 3 CRAs

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to be correct you would have to give her three scores. ONE Fico score from each bureau. One score for Experian, one for Equifax and one for Transunion.

FICO is independent of the three bureaus but they have the formula to calculate the FICO score. Most creditors use a version of the fico score.

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Another independent score. Go figure.

This entire process requires a guide to understand.

Like an Indian Guide to walk you through the darkness.

I can't imagine an elderly person trying to understand all this.

It is not wonder that folks do nothing.


You have a FICO score for each CRA. Remember that probably 99% of us have different info on each report, however slight the differences. So each CRA will end up with a different FICO score because they're each using different info to calculate the score.

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"...only the FICO score means anything..."


"...You have a FICO score for each CRA..."

Not necessarily.

"...Can anyone enlighten me..."

There's info all over the net about scoring programs. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of them. They each are the product of an "information seller"; businesses who are fighting for their own little piece of their market. They are closely associated with the CRA's because they use that data to calculate their numbers.

The CRA's are: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion

The data there is used by (whatever) scoring program to provide a number, your extra special number, YOUR CREDIT SCORE! *ta da*

The number could be calculated using data from any CRA. It's commonplace to see a tri-merged CR with scores from three separate sources. BEACON 5.0 or BEACON Classic calculated using EQ data, FICO calculated using Exp data and EMPIRICA using TU data. But re-sellers of credit reports can offer scores from any source. The new VantagePoint score is EQ's own product entry into the credit score market.

BTW, these numbers usually don't match anything a consumer has access to, even the # from MyFICO.com, cuz the majority of lenders get scores which are skewed to their own industry. I.e., you get a car loan-score that emphasizes how you paid car loans (foremost), other installments next and CC's last; you get a CC-score based on how you have managed CC's (foremost)...you get the idea...

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