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ADVICE REQUEST: TU Falsely Claims Additional Info Submitted

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For the past couple weeks I have been diligently working the DV/CR Dispute 1-2 punch. In the process, I have sent TU 19 seperate dispute letters. Each dispute letter has addressed only one disputed item, and each item has been disputed only once. Yesterday I received the following in a response letter from TU.

"We are in receipt of the additional information regarding your current dispute(s). Due to this additional information, the time frame for completing the investigation has been extended. Your initial correspondence was received on 11/27/2006 and your additional information was received on 11/30/06, which allows TransUniuon fifteen additional days. Therefore, your investigation will be completed on or before 1/9/2007.

The letter nowhere makes reference to any specific dispute that I have filed.

I would appreciate advice, particularly from someone who has successfully handled this response from TU before.

Thanks in advance.

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Wait until one dispute is completely finished before starting another. Frankly, their computer systems aren't up to the concept of handling multiple dispute windows at once.

Chalk it up to a learning experience.

With all due respect, this is erroneous. As is correctly advised elsewhere on this board and in the Sexy Credit books, I have disputed each derogatory item seperately. I currently have 19 pending disputes with TU. Had I taken the path you suggest, assuming a 30-day cycle for filing disputes and receiving CRA responses, I would be looking forward to hearing back on my final TU dispute by the end of September 2008.

If anyone has experience defeating this TU response, I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

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Sexy Credit Book is amusing, and occassionaly useful, but not based upon the real world. I read a bunch of books on this topic before finding the boards. Only one book has not been frequently contradicted by real world experiences and information on the boards - "Fair Credit Reporting" by the National Consumer Law Center.

Now, when Sexy Credit tells you to dispute each item separately, they are giving bad advice. Sending multiple disputes in a dispute window very frequently will cause the window to get extended. Should it? No - but in credit reporting, what should be and what is are very different things.

It's wise to break your disputes into groups - I don't think I would personally recommend disputing 19 items at one time. At the same time, some have had success doing this. I would do it in 2 or 3 letters, waiting for the results from the first before sending the follow up.

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