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Equifax Killed My Phone


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In the grand tradition of Experian Killed My Turtle, I offer the sad tale of woe I experienced yesterday.

Last month, when my mother was in the hospital with cancer and threatening to check herself out against medical advice, I finally had had it with my old phone not notifying me of new calls and bought another: a nice pretty magenta Motorola RAZR.

Yesterday, I get an EQ Score Watch alert. I open my phone, only to discover the screen glowing really really brightly -- and the battery is flashing red. Funny, I'd charged it the night before. It looked like it was frying.

Because it looked like it wasn't happy, I turned the phone off, took it out to my car, and tried to recharge it. Wouldn't charge. Took it to the T-mobile store. Because it was within 30 days, they'd replace it, but they needed the box and receipt. They would test it further while I went to go fetch.

So I did. Phone's still dead.

Now I have a new phone.

Oh, and because my mom's the account holder (we have a family plan), I pointed out that I'd paid full retail on the phone because she'd been in the hospital with cancer at the time. They gave me the subscriber discount with the new phone. Yay.

Maybe I should cancel EQ's ScoreWatch to protect my new phone?

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Well, it had survived a few EQ and myFICO messages before.

I think this one was just secretly saying, "no more inquiries, bitch!"

Yeah, it probably got overloaded. "Don't blame us, we can only fit so many inquiries into one text message!"

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I hope the alert was at least positive.

I had one of those Razr phones for 3 days. Just got rid of it. I think it is the phone. I spoke with the verizon technicians and they told me the razr has the all time record for complaints.

So he told me to take it back. Try not to drop it; you maybe out of a phone. My friend dropped hers and it split in two. Make sure you have insurance you will need it.

I returned mine because in addition to the verizon technicians advice, I could not find one reviewer online that said anything positive. Most said get the LG8600.

Hey, but I love the silicone case. I miss the case.

Hope your mom hangs in there and feels better soon!!!

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