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TripRewards Bank of America MC

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At some point, I was offerd on of those "free trial subscriptions" to TripRewards, which I ended up never using. I don't remember how they got me... I remember I signed up on the phone, but not which company reeled me in. I cancelled it after the fee kicked in. That was a couple months ago.

Today, I got an "invitation" in the mail to apply for a TripRewards B of A Platinum MC. I doubt I will qualify, but I was wondering if this might qualify me for the 99/500. They do mention that if you don't qualify for platinum, there is also a "preferred card" you'll be considered for.

Those of you who have been offered a 99/500: did any of you initially apply through a service like Trip Rewards, or was it a direct offer from Bank of America itself?

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