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We used a mortgage broker to purchase a new home. After 900 miillion fishing for a loan inquires pasted all through my CRs we got this

fab 100% high interest and to top it all off... I can't even find a mailing address for this

Yah Hoo Company...

Please be warned.. stay away...http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff204126.htm

I had an auto bill pay via the bank heading out..

Well they sent the payment, and my pay deposited on the same day but

the sequence of the process went like this

Scheduled bill

Check came back before the

Deposit inserted

Check returned

Late payment

I've never been late..

I want to refi this so bad..

My only reason at this time for working on myfico's

My mortgage payment is choking the life out of our house...


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Thank you so much Chuck. I believe there is a prepay.

I was told that they may wave it. Not certain.

I have been praying... and believing that there is a way out of this.

I have good pay history on my accounts. I had one 30 day late on two cars since 2003.

Two mortgages in the past pay history on time..

I have one charge off from a divorce and one Beneficial loan that I can't ever seem to touch the principal.

For some reason today I was feeling overwhelmed by this mortgage.

my Experian is 634 my best at present.

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