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Received an alert for major derogatory...Is this CRA verifing?

the aussie

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G'day Mates....

As always, thanks for your help. Ok, so I disputed all negative TL's and was waiting till CRA finished investigating to DV all the CA's on my reports. Well today I get an alert for a major derogatrory from EQ. I pull an updated report and a CA appears to have updated a TL. The only thing that was changed was the OC's name (they changed names 3 or 4 years ago) and the date last reported and recent balance date to reflect 12/06.

Above the acct history notes now appears:

Your Statement:

Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of

the Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Can I safely assume that CA has said "yep" that date is accurate to CRA and now would be a good time to DV them CMRRR. How about the CRA...should I also request MOV or wait till they have completed all their TL investigations/

Thanks for you help guys...

The Aussie

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