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Bogging it away - or Make em settle


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Well I used a technique that worked well to get a collection agency to cry uncle. I have not executed a settlement agreement yet . So we do not have an agreement to take it down yet. I am sure that I will have to take it down in the next few days. If you have a collection agency dead to rights violating the law this worked for me and pushed them to provide a letter of intent on my time line not theirs. I feel like I left $$ on the table but in essence here is what I will get out of this. An in statute debt to go away and one thousand dollars. The alleged debt is almost $2400.00.

This will not work if you are feign at heart and are not willing to follow through.

You can see my self proclaimed work of art here.



I am not an attorney nor claim to be. These ranting are about my personal experience with this company and the law as I interpret it. Do not take anything here as legal advice. If you apply my strategies and fail do not assume that I mislead you. Anything you do is at your own peril. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express many times and feel that I am smarter than most collection agents. If you think I have done something wrong or immoral here you need to check your own value system.

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