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I had a JDB that never sent me a dunning letter. Their first letter to me was one

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Guest E. Normis Debtor

Write them back and tell them they never supplied you with your verification rights, and continued collection prior to supplying verification as required by Federal Law

Since they seem to be in a settlement mood, include an offer to settle their violations out of court for a $1000.00.

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Sorry I should add more details . MRC Receivables Corp. says they own the acount. True Logic sent a dunning letter to me on behalf of MRC. I DV True Logic in 30 days. I got no repsonse from them, but Midland then sends me a settlemet letter on behalf of MRC. I then DV Midland within 30 days. Now they want documentation to verify my dispute.

My understanding is that MRC, True Logic , and Midland are all owned by the same company.

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