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Deleted... nah, just kidding

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I disputed several TL's with Equifax on 10/16/06. When I received the investigation results, it said one of the TL's (AFNI) was to be deleted, but it was still on the attached credit report. All of the other deletes were gone.

I called in a couple days later, and they stated there was a duplicate entry, and they deleted one, but not the other. I protested that there were no duplicate entries, but the representative said he would initiate another dispute and it would come off.

10 days later, I received the results of that investigation, which said the account was verified. I called in today, and the representative looked up both confirmation numbers, and found that it should have been deleted as indicated the first time.

She said the only thing she could do is issue a dispute, requesting the entry be deleted as specified in the original investigation. She said it would take 21-30 days to remove, and they'll send a new report out then.

Does this sound correct? Is there something else I should be doing?

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8-) Yep, vicki.banks@equifax.com

Dear Ms. Banks,

I was passed your name to assist in resolving a problem that has occurred with EQ. I disputed TL AFNI on date.... and received a letter from EQ on ..... stating the TL has been deleted. When I pulled a copy of it the following day, AFNI was still reporting. I contacted EQ on ...... and I was told a duplicate AFNI was deleted. This CSR re-disputed this TL...which allegedly came back verified. I challenged this because there was NO duplicate and it was not verified! I contacted yet another EQ employee and was informed that AFNI should have been deleted but that he could not delete this, he could only redispute.

Re-disputing a TL that you could not verify is NOT the option. Deletion of this TL is the only response.

I felt it was only proper to give EQ every opportunity to fix this egregious error. You are my last resort prior to filing complaints with the BBB, AG, FTC and with the Court, if necessary.

Thanks for all the assistance you can give in this matter....



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Hey MoMo,

Thanks for the info. EQ actually got off their butts and deleted it. I recieved the report the other day. Its just on EX now, but I've searched on here a bit and found that a few people have had success by filing complaints against AFNI with the BBB. I've got complaints for the Peoria BBB, IL Attorney General, IL Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, McLean County Chamber of Commerce, and AFNI's professional organization: ACA International. I'm dropping them in the mail tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will get some things moving.

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