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Marking a TL in dispute, negate 1-2 punch?

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I'm having some trouble with a TL from AFNI on Experian, and Equifax.

I sent two DV letters to AFNI, I got the first green card back showing they received on 10/18, and the second on 11/20. I disputed with EX, EQ, and TU after getting the first card back. They have never responded to my letters. However, they verified with Experian on November 17, and with Equifax on November 22, and TransUnion was deleted. EX and EQ are currently marking the TL as consumer disputes.

I'm using the dates on the investigation results, as the dates they verified.

Because the TL is marked as consumer disputes, is it still a violation that they verified with the EX and EQ, without having responded to my DV letter?

Side issue w/ AFNI and EQ. See Deleted...nah, just kidding in Credit Bureaus.

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