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2006: Year in Review

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I kinda went crazy on the cards this year. I have more new cards in the last year than I've had sum total EVER before.

Here's some of my milestones over the last year.

Before this last year, highest CL: $675

Now, highest CL: $2900

Amex One (mid-December 2005, but I'll still brag)

Amex Hilton

BofA Hawaiian Airlines (unsecured, then CLI)

Capital One (new card, that would be my third, combined and closed #2 into it THEN got a CLI)

Chase (silly little card)

Chrysler - Paid off that car loan. Yay.

Citibank - AU on a good card. Yay.

Crown Jewelers - now seems kinda redundant

Tribute Mastercard - wouldn't have bothered had I'd known I'd get the Hilton

First Premier - closed my last card with them

GEMB PayPal Buyer's Credit (after being declined several times)

Orchard - closed after 6 years.

Juniper - US Airways card

Kay Jewelers - love me some sparklies

Macy's - got a small increase

Neiman Marcus - got a beefier increase

Nordstrom - I can't tell you how many times I was declined

Union Plus - yep, another new one

Wells Fargo - consolidated my last student loan away from Sallie Mae

I'm still pondering what my 2007 goals will be. Most of my worst baddies will be off my report over the next few months. Gotta think some more about overall goals, though.

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For me it would be new house - double mortgage

Orchard - 90% usage

Providian - 85% usage ( both of those were house related, working to get them paid off by March)


Hooters - 500.00

Delta AmX- 1000.00

Target - 300.00

Macy's 300.00

Express 300.00

Penny's 500.00

Scores went up and I was notified yesterday that TU deleted 4 baddies.

2007 will be even better.

2007 Goal: refi my 155,000 mortgage for lower payments...

700 Fico by June/07

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Wow, that's a lot of cards...:shock: Good Job!

I accomplished a score in the low 600's after selling my old home and buying a home triple the mortgage and getting some collections deleted. I've also had a steady on time payment history of about 3 yrs which makes me so very proud of myself.

Let's see, what else...Oh yes, credit wise:

C1 was increased to 2,000 from 1,000

Received 4 new CC:

Amex: 2,000

Macys: 800

Wamu Business: 500

C1 TJX: 2,000

I'm so thrilled to have been approved for all of these, I never thought it possible 4 yrs ago, after defaulting on my mortage and tons of late payments on everything else.

My 2007 goal is to increase my scores, hopefully high 600's at least, get some more prime cards and bring down my utilization.

I am currently working a full time job and I am also a seller on Ebay to make some extra $$$, hoping to pay up my cc which have been maxed out throughout this year for home remodeling.

I owe everything to everyone on this board that so graciously share their experiences. Even though I don't have much time for posting, I do make it a point to come in and take a peek. And always, always recommend this awesome site to everyone I know.

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Here's what my goals were for this year:

So, I'm thinking it's time for goals for 2006.

1) Utilization consistently below 25% by year's end.

2) Six months of savings.

3) Two cards with limits of $1000 or more. One of them should be an Apple card.

4) Max out the limit (but not the balance!) on my National City secured card.

5) Both of my toy cards gone before their annual fee is due (unless they'll waive it, then I'll keep 'em open for age).

6) Pay the two small chargeoffs on reports.

7) Finish paying off car.

8) One of my FICO scores above 700, with the remaining well above 600.

If I can't manage #8 in 2006, 10 of my 14 baddies (gah, I hate having been late on a billion student loan tradelines at once) will fall off my CR in 14 months, so 2007 should be e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t.

Let's see how I did so far:

1) Not gonna happen. 401k catchup.

2) Due to said 401k catchup, I have 5 months (in the 401k, not outside it). So I'll give myself 1/2 credit on this one.

3) I now have TEN cards with limits of $1000 or more, starting the year with none. Save me from Neiman Marcus. Please.

4) It's higher, but it's not there yet. Still to do.

5) Yep, done.

6) Done.

7) Done. And that was a biggie.

8) I'm again above 600 on all three reports, but now ranging from 611 - 647. Still, my EQ score is up nearly 50 points from this time last year.

Down from 14 baddies to 6. I'm expecting two more to fall off before year's end.

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