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What would you do. Deleted, Validated, Merchandise never returned


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I had purchased merchandise. (1999) It was delivered, and months later it broke.

Household furniture. I had insurance on the contract for this merchandise as well as unemployment insurance.

I DV'd the TL on my CR. I DV'd the CA. They deleted the info on all three reports.

( IF trolls are watching I don't want to use their names but it was someoone like NCO and they had a LLP Group on their behalf.. NY Based originally)

They sent the original contract, application for account, copies of my original credit report, DL via mail. copies, some signed that I received delivery ok but there were same forms where I did not sign it was all ok. What they did not send was where my stuff went/is now/ and a payment history, insurance infomormation is on the contract, but not what was applied to this loan. Regardless, it broke. I reported the broken merchandise, it is documented and they sent a person to retrieve it.

But on the document it states I was not home. They did not repair this or follow up before they went bankrupt, closed their doors and I was unable to

get my merchandise.

Should I be concerned or take another step before they decide to serve me or something. It had life, unemployment and property insurance on it as well.

It was expressly stated on the insurance that there was a 90 day period if merchandise was damaged etc.. I filed before that 90 day.

They closed their doors and went out of business with my merchandise I could not retrieve.


I did not sign one of the applications for personal credit line. It was an amendment to the original contract. (adding additional merchandise and it was recalcuated. This is also the same merchandise that was delivered but they submitted to me a form that I did not sign for the delivery.)

Another odd note: They had two different delivery accounts. 3 guys names on one, and anther name on another. But 4 guys didn't come, only 2.

The second bit of merchandise I bought was dated 2 months later for all things. I needed this for my children, so it was the first thing that needed to arrive.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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