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Thanks to everyone


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Well, I wanted to say thanks to this web sight and all of you that contribute.

After two years of hard work, letter campaigns, threats, etc....my credit report is now squeaky clean.

My scores are running in the 750 range, from the low 500's two years ago.

For those of you just starting. Remember Rome was not built overnight. This is a long pain staking process that takes a mental commitment on your part to succeed.

Don't take Crap from anyone. Don't back down because of some BS threatening letter. Don't be a pushover, and never ever agree to any terms unless you have reviewed it with your own lawyer and don't be afraid to sue them. There are plenty of reputable law firms that will sue credit agencies, creditors etc.... on your behalf, on a contingency basis.

However the best piece of advice I can offer. ORGANIZATION.

I used four, four inch 3-ring binders, (one for each CR and one for the direct letters sent to creditor collectors).

I kept each consecutive credit report in the front, and indexed tabs on every letter that was sent to them along with responses etc.... I made up a cover sheet for each index that provided me with a quick glance of current status of a inquiry removal demand, etc....

In each notebook I kept a column form in the front that indicated all negative creditors and when stuff would reach its SOL and or drop off my credit report. This gave me the advantage of sending out removal letters right when they should come off. It worked like a champ.

I studied and researched hundreds of letters and came up with several that worked for my style of writing.

Make sure you send every letter CRR.

Although there has always been a debate on whether too send one letter with all verifications or individual letters. I choose the individual letter routine.

My postage cost for this two years was around $250.00 - $300.00. Money well spent.

Although I don't contribute much too this web sight, I do thank everyone that does.


The Mad Monkey

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