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I am pissed: credit score 755

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:<img src=:'> I am so upset. I just checked my fico score it is 755. I tried to call my fico for a refund but they are not open as yet.

My report was split and now they have only my student loans on the report that I got, hense the high score. I want a refund. xxHellxx

I paid for a full report not a partial report. I am so pissed.

So basically when you get a split file if you get a score it may not be correct. This report says that i have no revolving account, which is my only negative. No collections, but I have one.

All that said, life is all about timing and turning things around to your benefit. So is this the right time to use this to my benefit. Should i apply for a Amex card? the real score is at least 687 just had another baddie removed so the score may be higher. should only have one on report now a providian collection from 2002.

Another question what are my options if i am denied credit because of a split file. Can I take Equifax to the cleaners?

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same thing happened to a friend of mine. In my opinion, I say take advantage of it while you can. Sometimes your the windshield, sometimes your the bug. Seems a big jump in your fico makes you the windshield. I would apply and since amex has been checking eq lately worse case is dispute the inquiry. Good luck!

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Reason american express cancelled your previous account. This was back in college 1993. Freaking long memory.

Well they did not contact me to verify anything although i have a Fraud alert on my file. Interesting.

Well at least I know.

Has anyone gotten an approval after making a boo boo with them?

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Thanks guy I did a search on the oasis program. I guess I will find out soon if i initiate if they will offer the program.

I got through to myfico and got my money back for the fake (755 score )report plus i got a free score power report. I guess I just milked the "I trusted fico to give me an accurate report;" it worked.

They thought it was nice that I am honest to admit that my score is not that high. HHAHAHA they are not a creditor.

Well i just called the number to Amex. The number that was listed on the thread was 888-232-3261. I called they told me yes i qualify. But i have to call this number 800-700-7619 to get more information. Will call on monday.

Thanks guys.

Told me i have to pay the balance on my account before they consider me.

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The OP knows the 755 is due to error, and that creditors may or may not see that score. The false report with the 755 in this case is showing no TLs. Please read the entire post.

And we don't decide whether or not to help people based on their scores, real or not.

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I am not being a cry baby:waah:

That is not a true score; the score is an error. Equifax has only my student loans on the report. (My report is split so my negative informations collection/charge off ect. are not showing on the report) that is why the score is high.

I would not be complaining if the score were true. Well i probably would if they made a mistake. Anyway, I am over it; my main purpose at the end of all this is for others to know that when they get a split file do not to order a FICO score because it will be a waste of money; you will not get a correct score.

my true score is at around 687 a far cry from 755.

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I wonder what might happen when I get my score high enough to apply for an AMEX.... I had a green card years ago. I paid the account (late). Years later, they sent me a letter (under my old married name) that they wanted to give me a second chance. I didn't take it at the time.

I guess I will have to let everyone know when I get there.....

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Yes the file was fixed.


It took about a week and now all the old negative crap is back right right where it was before :waah:

I also decided not to do the oasis program right now. I figured I better save the money just incase Astra business and the other *coilme* CACV they are working for are willing to settle. I will get Amex later when the report is clean.

The "I am applying for a mortgage will need report" worked

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