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Stores tracking your spending

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Anyone have info on how/what stores are tracking spending through credit/debit cards? I do not ever use a debit card. I got in a habbit of using cash when my credit got bad, and now I'm rebuilding and to "jump start" my credit rebuild, I have a Orchard card secured ($200 limit) and CJ account, so I was just wondering if using my Orchard at my favorite stores (staying under 35% useage) might get me some card offers in the near future? I applied at a couple of stores, to get the "we'll give you notice in the mail" speach. So I think I need to continue repairing and building solid history with my two accounts so far. And thinking of adding another secured card.

Also, this is a totally different topic, but since I have a secured card, if I sent an extra $100 a month to "up my limit" (it doesn't report as secured) would that potentially BOOST my score a little and help get me on the right track to decent credit?

With a secured card it's like "puttin money in the bank" to send them $100 a month, so if it'll help I'd gladly do it. I'll have a decent savings when I get ready to close this card and cash it out.

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