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Status Change after Dispute


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I have a TL that I disputed with LVNV. I have written to them or their agents (with receipts signed) 4 times so far for DV and have not gotten anything back. I don't think this is a legitimate debt.

After my recent dispute was resolved, Equifax changed comments from "Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in process , Collection account" to "Consumer disputes this account information , Collection account , Account transferred or sold , Charge off account , Trsf/Sold"

The account status changed from "At least 120 days or more than for payments past due" to "Bad Debt; placed for collection; skip"

Does this mean that they have sold the TL? (It is past SOL & due to fall off my report anyway 9/2007). I am trying to figure out why they added the "transferred or sold" part. If they did this shouldn't there no longer be a balance showing? (In my case it actually went up after the dispute review by about $80.)

I am just trying to figure out what is going on with this.

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