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Jingle Bells Jingle Bells "Ka-ching all the way

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Sing it with me kids:

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Ka-ching all the way, NCO has done messed up,

once again todaaayyy 'hay

As if I didn't have enough in my ever growing file for NCO (in the process of putting together my ITS), Medclr, Marlin Holdings Marketing LLC and whatever other names they are going by these days.....they just racked up another $1000 violation today. After DV'ing NCO for a recent dunning letter (Sent as NCO Financial, Formerly Risk Management Alternatives..listing their Horsham PA address (according to a recent conversation I had with PA Secretary of State, it was suggested they are not even registered to do business there)......I received my green card back on 12/6...well guess what comes in the mail today? You guessed it..another dunning letter from them attempting to collect the same debt prior to validation from my original letter....whoo hooo.

So far they have racked up 9 verifiable and blatant violations on two very small alleged debts that are nearly 2 years out of sol.....compile that with the actual damages I will be requesting (ended up with a much higher interest rate on a recent auto loan than I should have in part to their foolishness)

My investigation into their deceptive prctices have spanned from NY to GA to SC to PA to FL and a mutitude of our states...whoa, some of the things uncovered are unreal.

IRONY.....A company who touts themselves as collectors of "DEADBEATS" who don't pay their bills.......having their licence to do business revoked in more than one state for ....you guessed it....NOT PAYING THEIR BILLS

I'll keep ya posted....Happy Holiday's to all...Oh and for you NCO lurkers out there, after you receive the ITS, know this, I will not settle...we are going all the way. My grandfather told me many years ago, the time to decide that you do not want to go to the dance, is before your partner has purchsed their ticket.......Mine is already bought and paid for!!!!!

The Aussie

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