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Light at the End of the Tunnell.....

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I just went and was approved for a car loan at 9%, I'm esctatic! I was really looking for it to be 11-12%. Fico is 640, but with a student loan showing up as not paid, when it is because I have the letter from 2 years ago saying so, and I went to the website and got my payment history--showed them all paid! That helped, and my local friendly credit union was very helpful and sympathetic.

Also still in the process of DV's with 1 OC and 1 CA, the CA is not even reporting as disputed, so wrote again siting the FCRA and possible violation on their part.

I went with all my homework firmly in hand and explanations for every derogaroty, most of it related to DH's work injury 9 years ago and several surgeries.

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum, just couldn't decide where it should go!

You folks have helped me tremendously and have given me the courage to forge ahead and not give up. There for a while I was feeling quite beaten up.:|

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