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bad credit loan??? HELP ASAP.

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well this really sucks,

my bank account number was taken because I was an idiot and did not realize the phoney email as it came through. I wont get into specifics, but i had a good amount of money in their. Most of my debts i was able to get under control, but truth be told, the damage was still done.

Anyway, i can get the money back but it will take some time. Long story short, i had my car being repaired and the repair was pricey. So what i plan on doing is taking out a loan (approximetely 1k) to tide me offer. Since the bank did not give me a exact date this will all be resolved (happened to a lot of other ppl supposidly) i dont want to get a payday loan or whatever they are called. Those things interest rates are sky sky high.

So what can i do besides take out a payday loan and borrow money from someone else? which i hate doing? how can i get a loan if my Credit Score is high 500's? anyone have any input? i need my car out of their lot by friday since im going away and hate paying the "storage fee"

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