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CFC Deficiency Recovery?

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I ran my Experian report on 12/05/06, and this company appeared on my credit report for a repo/chargeoff of nearly $2900. I sent them a DV letter last week, which was returned to me marked "Not Deliverable As Addressed, Unable To Forward.' The address listed on my CR is the address that I used, there is no telephone number, and several google searches have been unsuccessful. I have searched this board, but have not yet even seen this company mentioned. According to my CR, they are located in Jacksonville, FL. A superpages search of the address they give pulled up a Mercedes dealership. How do I find this compny that apparently doesn't exist, and how do I proceed if I cannot DV them? Please help!:please: :please: :please: :please: :please: :please: :please: :please:

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I definitely appreciate the fast reponse to this one. I have already disputed with the CRA's, and am awaiting the results. I did a little more digging-apparently, CFC Deficiency Recovery is a dummy corp set up by Chrysler Financial to double whammy people on their CR's. I have this CFC thing on my CR, plus the original repo. What do I do now? These collections people get shadier and shadier. No letters, no calls, they just start dumping crap onto your credit report. It's no wonder there are so many people on this site!xhotx xhotx xhotx xhotx xhotx xhotx


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