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I'm scheduled for a mediation this week with a collection agency representing MBNA. This is a first for me so if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. One thing I do know is I will NOT settle-I plan on fighting this as long as I can. I have been advised to say debt has not been established as they have not produced any documents that the debt is mine.:lol: Trail is set for late March.


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The court suggested a mediation with the opposing collection attorney over our credit card debt. Of course the mediator will ask why we refuse to settle..how do I explain in a sentence or 2 that the bank has failed to disclose information etc?:(

How about a Denial? First of all it is never "your credit card debt" until the OC proves it. It is an alleged credit card debt.

This is just in. Hot off the Press. If I may quote Mparksmagic's "words from a brilliant attorney:" Read his Post located at: (I had trouble placing it here)

1) "I am not liable for payment of the alleged account because I am not the debtor on the account.

2) I am unaware of any Debt claimed against me.

3) There is no writing that evidences any obligation for me to pay the amount stated by the Plaintiff."

BTW isn't your Counterclaim and Sworn Denial filed as of yet? I know that the CAs always violate a law or two, or three, when collecting on debts. Always! Just curious.

Best Regards,


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