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Who pulls equifax?

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You can check out www.whogavemecredit.com or


They have information on who pulls what and the scores required to obtain cards.

I do believe that opening a new revolving TL (and perhaps also a charge card) will improve your score - at least in the long run. See what others here to say about this... they are more knowledgeable than me.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your situation?

Your scores, baddies (if any) and TLs.

Make sure you don't give out any information that can serve to identify you.

Best of luck!

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You definitely need a credit card, some say "3" is a good number FICOwise, if you can handle it. You want a mix of cc's for example a store credit card and standard cc like VISA or MC.

Just remember but responsible, I know you probably are if you have come to this board but when I advise 3 cc's you feel like you have to put a warning. When you look for cc's look for those that could have a higher TL. So many people here use Hooters.

I would also like to know myself who pulls EQ. It seems like I go to the websites that list who pulls who but whenever I try one they get ahold of EX and EX just hates me---they're is at least a 50 point difference from TU and EQ. I get denied every time!!!!

I've quit trying

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Hi folks...I am looking for a c.c. company that specifically pulls equifax at the time of application..BNecause my equifax score is so high that I want to take advantage of the best possible offer..


No one can answer this question without knowing where you live and everything that's on your report. Please add your state of residence to your visible profile so people can give you the information you're looking for.

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Hello appobene!

I am not sure if you live in Oregon or not, but the below list pulled Equifax for me:

Target (621) limit $200, after a year, they upgraded me to a Target Visa at $1000 limit.

Chevron (625) limit $600

WalMart (647) limit $400

Legacy Federal Credit Union (for auto loans/lines of credit)

At the time I applied for these cards, I had no judgements or collections and my scores are in the parenthesis above.

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