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I am in DV need Help.

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Hello i am new to the board but have been reading and using the site for a few months but now i am in need of help I have DV,d a collection agency in my state they replied with three statements that where no validation. i replied with a follow letter got no reply for atleast a month until the other day a lady called my wife and asked what the letter meant and that we could not validate a judgement and that she did not have to validate the judgement. Also i got papers in the mail from them with a copy of the judgement and statements again. Is it true about that they dont have to validate the judgement. also they did not validate the things not in the judgement. Now i need help on what to do now.

It would be much appreciated thanks

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I finnaly got to look over the papers sent to me in more detail the judgement what they sent me was not a copy of the orignal judgement but copys of affidavit/proof of service to show the judgement was deliverd and the orignal was sent to court.

Also i asked to have the other debt not in the judgement validated which they did not validate and is now past the thirty days.

Any help would be apprecited so i can sort this out to figure on what i should do.


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