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Getting A Dismissal Removed From Cb

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I was served with a standard collection notice from an attorney and it was FDCPA proof. He followed all the rules so I responded with a standard validation request. He followed up months later with what looked like an old signature card and some copys of an old statement from the OC. I never responded and several months later I recieved a filed summons and complaint from Discover Financial Services Inc.:same attorney". I responded with an answer and also reserved the right to assert a third party claim for violations of FDCPA. I was then served with a request for discovery. I answered that request and sent my own request for discovery. Finally the judge sent me a rule 16 notice. I ignored that and about 30 days later the judge set up a scheduling conference for the case. About three days prior to the conference I recieved an order for judgement of dismissal from the plaintiff, "Discover". In return I mailed out an answer brief on Discovers motion to dismiss. Today, I finally picked up the order for judgement of dismissal signed by the judge. BTW: The case was dismissed "with prejudice" lolol My question is as follows. Can I now get the CB to remove the trade line off my report by sending them the signed order of dismissal. ?? If so do you have any ideas on how to do this.

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