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Bankfirst retaliates to late payment dispute


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I Disputed a 5yr old 30 dl to Bankfirst to all 3 CRAs.

EQ and EX came back "verified" TU deleted the late.

I wrote a letter to Bank 1st asking them why they were reporting the payment as late and for the payment history on the acct. as well as a MOV to EQ and EX. I recieved nothing from Bank1st or the CRAs.

Today scores plummeted 52pts. because Bankfirst has now added 4 recent 30 day lates to all 3 files!

I have bankstatements showing that 2 of the new "late" payments were made 7 days EARLY and one wasn't made due to a positive balance on the card because I over paid it the previous month.

(for which I have the cc statement) and nothing was due. The statement even says,"please do not send payment."

The other payment listed was late but only by three days and I have a bankstatement to prove it.

So now I am confused as to what I should do.

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OCs are not bound by the FDCPA, but they are bound by the FCRA. If it were me, I would send them a strongly-worded letter, attaching the documentation you have, demanding deletion of the lates. If this doesn't do the trick, write your state's attorney general with a 'cc' to the OC. Keep detailed documentation as to any damages you incur as the result of the OC's incorrect reporting (denied credit, denial of mortgage, vehicle loan, etc.). (Do your bank statements show that your payments to the OC cleared seven days prior to the due date?)

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Thank you,

It is DHs account. Our bankstatements show the date it was paid to the OC it was a through the banks billpay service.

We are not trying for a loan at the moment but it is frustrating just the same.

I have been getting everyting prepared so we can apply in the Spring. I was just thinking I was making progress too.

They still have not validated the original late that I was inquiring about in the first place. They are still reporting it though.

I am preparing everything, all my bank statements, creditcard statements and copies of the CRs. Due to my rage issues though, I had to give myself a couple of days to calm down before writing the letter.

It just is not right that they can change a TL like that just because they get mad. I have been trying to get DH to close this card for the last year now he has agreed to close it after this crap is straightened out.

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