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Defamation, Libel, IED in a lawsuit?

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It was especially funny to me because in reading all of these cases, I see the complaints signed "Name, Esq." and such. Being Pro Se, I told my girlfriend just the other day that I should sign mine "Thrillsoft, Nice Guy"

She asked why and I told her "Just to get it on the record that I'm a nice guy"

I was joking, but then I read that affidavit and thought "Wow! You really can put anything in there you want!" LOL

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Well, I looked at my TrueCredit report today and the collection was gone from all 3 bureaus. :)

Should I just drop it now? I think I'm going to just hold onto all my paperwork/evidence and if it gets reinserted, file immediately.

I have no idea how it got deleted. I didn't get a phone call from either BellSouth or the CA or letter or anything. I haven't disputed it since my 3rd investigation results came back about a month ago verified.

Anyway, that's good news! I have no BK's, judgments, public records or charg-offs on my report. I do have 1 30-day late a year ago on one card and a few other 30-day lates and 1 60 day late, but those are more than 3 years ago.

I think I'll give this whole thing a break for the moment. Thanks everyone for your input, both positive and negative.

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