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Is this DV?

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I wonder if someone might have some advice here regarding DV, I dv'ed a debt collector in Oct, and this week(Dec), I get a statement.

The statement has an amount on it but, as I requested in my Dv, there is nothing with my signature, or social security number. nor itemization/calculation of charges, just an "account number", with an amount.

What is interesting to note is the orginal account was for one company, and it was brought by another compnay, yet the Ca, says they are collecting for the first company.

It actually looks like the date on the billing statement is not accurate either, looks like they added another year on to the date if tranactions.

The dv does not even show or prove the account was sold, so do I have any recourse.

Thank You

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I would say you are obliged to write a followup letter telling them you continue to deny any liability for this debt and dispute their collection of it as the material they sent does nothing to dispell your conviction that they are dunning the wrong person. Tell them the letter invokes your rights under the FDCPA and FCRA. Since they know the debt is disputed, you will hold them liable should they continue to try to collect including doing anything to trash your credit. If someone signed the letter for the CA, remind them that if you have to enforce your rights, you will sue both the CA and the collector ( who can be held individually liable). cc the FTC and your state AG if you want

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They sent it using the postal service, but it looks like a fax they received, and it is also made to look like i received it as a fax.

But, it is dated and I have the receipt from the certified mail showing they had got this almost two months ago.

Matter of fact my name is not even on the statement itself, looking at the statement, I could easily substitute any name at the heading as it appears to be what they did.

Sorry, I didn't answer the last question no it wasn't from the OC, it was from the collector, but made to look like it was from the Oc, the way it was printed up.

Thanks all for the help and I will get a second letter out..

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