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Before I send out these DV letters?

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I know that the 4 places I'm sending the letters too are in Indiana and I have lived in Florida for the past 5 years...so should I go ahead and send the dv letters and wait to hear back, or should I check to see if there are licensed to collect in Florida first?

Thanks so much :)

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I've always heard the licensing thing doesn't matter a whole lot. If they wanted to sue you, I'm sure it would.

If it were me, I'd definitely check it out that way I have "one more thing" going for me, even if it's not that big of a thing. When they don't respond to your DV's, when they won't work with you and when/if you're forced to report complaints to BBB, FTC and the AG THEN the licensing thing may play apart, specificially with the FTC and AG. That's my thought. I only use them as a LAST resort, after I've tried on my own to work on it and IF there are true violations. In other words, them being buttholes isn't reason enough--ya know?

Good luck.


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