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Cap One Collection Settled, but not reflected on CR


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I paid a settlement to a CA (before I knew about DV) for 55% on a capital one card that was charged off...

It's still on my credit reports, but reported as full balance with EX and TU...it's reported as (remaineder of balance I didnt pay with collection)..

So its like this

EX $600

TU $600

EQ $320

All say charged off

What to do? Nothing was in writing when I paid (I know)....and it was all phone conversation (I know)...NOW....didnt know at the time.....

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Ouch...without any documentation, you're going to have problems fixing this.

The correct way of reporting this would be "charge off", balance $0, "settled for less than the full amount"...it will ding your scores, but will lessen as time goes on.

My suggestion...if the account was still owned by Crap 1, you might start with them. Write a letter (CMRRR) stating that since they are reporting different things to different CRAs, then obviously under the FCRA they are reporting incorrect information somewhere. Tell them to fix it, and you won't sue...

On the other hand, if the account was sold, then you'll have to write the CA...

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