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Equifax and Multiple Credit Files

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I'm nearing completion of a massive credit clean up after having undergone a serious case of identity theft. Luckily I was able to have the person prosecuted and receive court documents to support my credit clean up.

In the meantime, Equifax told me they have "multiple credit files under (my) name and Social Security number". Each of the credit reports has different information, and I never know which one they're going to send to me or reveal to a potential creditor.

In addition, they have added a last name to my credit reports. The credit reports show my REAL last name, then a "-" and another last name (i.e. Jones-Experian). When I called Equifax, they told me to send a letter requesting all credit files are merged together, that this is nothing new.

Yet they still have not merged the credit files, and the mysterious last name is still attached to my credit reports.

Any advice?

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