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Advice for sprint Account and CAlvary validation

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:<img src=:'> My friend has a collection from Calvary on her report.

1) The account does not belong to her. It is a sprint cell phone account (She has never had sprint)

2) She sent a Debt validation to Calvary and also informed them that she has never had a Sprint account. I think it was in October 16 and got a green ticket back on the 19 of October.

3) Calvary sent her

A letter dated November 14 but enveloped stamped December 13 included in the letter was the following statement “ In light of the foregoing response, Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC has now fully compiled with 15USC1692g(B)

A copy of the final sprint bill with termination charges.

Can she sue them for violations since they updated with CRA before they validated the debt and then tried to Cover their A$$e$ by back dating the date on the “validation” letter?

Is a bill validation? It is a copy of a sprint bill. should they not have sent her a signed contract?

This is not hers and she has never lived at the address on the bill.

Now what should be her next step?

File ID theft?

What should she now do about Calvary?::BigGun::

Thanks for your help

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