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Inquiries and FICO Score

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I was reading some case law and found a case on FindLaw that contained some information that I didn't know. To quote from the claim:

"The purpose of each inquiry, however, cannot be discerned from the IAR (credit report) on its face. This information may only be obtained directly from the individual inquirers. The Yangs offered evidence to suggest that substantial inquiry activity on an individual's report is a negative factor in evaluating the individual's credit risk, especially when the inquiring entities are collection agencies.

In addition to his name, social security number and date of birth, Yang's IAR indicated (1) the year that his social security number was issued; (2) the state that issued his social security number; (3) his three most recent addresses; (4) his nickname; (5) the names of his three most recent employers, including his job titles for two of the three; and (6) Claire Yang's full name and two most recent employers, in addition to her most recent job title. Yang's IAR also indicated that five entities had inquired about his credit history within the two years prior to the date GEICO requested the IAR. From the industry codes assigned to each inquirer, GEICO could discern that four of the five inquirers were collection agencies. "

I didn't know anything about "Industry Codes" on inquiries or that one inquiry could be potentially worse than another in terms of the negative effect on a consumer's credit.

Do you think that FICO takes the "industry codes" of inquiries into account when calculating a score?

I just thought some discussion on this topic might be interesting.

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