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Embrace The Process

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Hi all-

I am fairly new to this website, and to the whole DV process, but I just wated to add on a testimonial for the value this website and its members have brought to my life over the past few months. Just since August, here are the victories I have been abe to win in the fight to restore my credit and good name:

LVNV Funding LLC (MCI) - $780+ - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

NCO Financial (fiance - Dominion Virginia Power) - $520+ - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

AT & T Credit Management Center - $30 - Paid as agreed and deleted from all 3 reports

RJM Acquisitions LLC (fiance - Book Club) - $50 - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

Cavalry Portfolio (Sprint PCS) - $330+ - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

CCA (Verizon) - 370+ - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

Diversified Adjustment (Sprint PCS, same as above) - 330+ - DV and deleted from all 3 reports

AND Most Recently

AFNI (Cingular) - $930+ - DV AND DELETED FROM ALL 3 reports

I will be running my actual credit scores soon to see where we stand, but it is a good feeling to print out your credit report, and everytime that you do the number of pages shrinks. Our goal is to be debt free by the end of 2007. My fiance and I still have a lot of work to do to make that dream a reality, but with the help, resources and information made available here, we are definitely on our way. I just wanted to send this out to let all of the people out there who are STILL wondering if DV really works that:

1-It works if you do what you are supposed to do - follow the recipe and the cake will practically bake itself. This is the shortcut-don't shortcut the shortcut!

2-The majority of people who give advice on this website know what they are talking about. If you ask a question, be willing and open minded enough to listen to the answer ND follow the advice given.

To everyone I have learned from on this site - THANK YOU!!xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex


'In life, you can be the hammer or be the nail-YOU CHOOSE!"

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Congrats Game,

It feels so good being in control of your credit again. I used to get stressed out when a CA would call, or send a letter. Now, I get excited because I know my rights, and more importantly, I exercise them.

There are some very knowledgeable people on this board, and I'm very fortunate to have found them.

I had the same $30 from AT&T Credit Management Center :? I had no idea what is was from, and was able to get it knocked off during my first round of disputes

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Thanks Unck!

It definitely is a great feeling-there was honestly a point in time were I would get depressed just thinking about my debt situation. It reached a point a little while ago where I was reading an article about some prison inmates who were being given a chance to rehabilitate through a business planning program. This hit me like a ton of bricks-here I am, an upstanding citizen, a voter, a taxpayer, and unable to start my business or live my life the way I deserve to because my credit score was low? I had to take a stand to get my life back, just to be able to answer my phone between the hours of 6:30 - 9:30 again-we all know who is calling you then:) This website has helped me SO MUCH-hopefully I will be able to give back some of what I've learned on here.

Yeah, I think my AT & T was a last bill I never received after moving.

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