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Hiiarious..My phone call to EQ you've got 2 read this !!


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Okay heres what i did today and it was an adventure...I called CSC (Equifax.) ya'll are gonna laugh at this !! First off every single time I call CSC (EQ) the girl I talk to name is Jessica I really have that name documented in the last two years 7 times. So I get Jessica on the phone and she tells me what do I need and I explain to her that Midland Credit has reinserted a Household Bank acct and a Providian acct on my CR for the 3rd time and they are not mine. I tell her that both these accts have been deleted twice already and that I have sent CSC (EQ) two letters showing these deletions. I also told her that they did not contact me within the 5 days and that was a serious violation. Now remember I never lost my cool and I was very polite. Well Jessica did some searching but of course she said " We are already are reinvestigating those accounts and everytime we have investigated these accts Midland has never responded !!" Wow I could not believe she was telling me this. I told her "sorry but its not about a reinvestigation for the 3rd time but about CSC (EQ) not letting me know that they were reinserting these accts within 5 days and that this was a serious violation of the FCRA." This is where I think she got mad. She said " we only get the information through a computer system and we never know whats sent to us." Okay heres where I got her because I then said " well if you do not know what goes in a persons CR then how can you possibly ever send them a 5 day notice if an acct is being reinserted ?" She got mad and said "well my computer will not let me go back that far is there anything else you need ?" I said "yes a fax number to send you this info once again and your supervisor plus your last name and she responded by saying " we are not allowed to give out our last names." She gave me the fax number and forwarded me to a lady named Donna. Donna was totaly lost but very nice. She told me that they didn't have a Jessica working at CSC so she asked me my story. I told her everything and she really seemed sincere to help me. She told me " I'm gonna get you to our manager and please explain the situation to her." I was connected to Bea Hilton and she was very nice. I explained to her that I understand how hard it is working with people especially when they get angry. I told her that I was a High school principal (which I am) and that I dealt with parents all the time..I was making her laugh and she asked me for some info. She flat out told me " I see the one reinsertion but I cannot see the other." She asked me if I had a copy and I said "absolutely !!" She said "send me your copies to this fax number and I will remove them." She then gave me her personal phone number and asked " when do you think I can get these by ?" I told her immediately!! It was around 4 p.m. when I had to call her back to verify the fax number and sure enough she answered her phone and said "yes I remember you I already have someone working on it !!" I told her that the fax was on its way and she said "thank you I'll call you in the morning.." So thats where I am at !! What do you guys think ? They sounded sincere but I just checked my CR and the reinserts are still there !! How long should I give BEA and CSc (EQ) to delet these reinsertions ? I have her personal number and even Bea said " we do not have a Jessica who works here !!" So do I just wait ? I have contacted Midland the stupid CA by letter several times as i have always been told on this forun to never call a CA but they are the kings of ignoring me and reinserting and updating the DOLA every month..I hate them. These accts have never once been verified by any CRA so they are just junk and do not belong to me, man I am so frustrated by Midland. Honestly if I can get these reinserts deleted it will make my EQ CR perfect and push me back up into the 700's and this means I can trade my car in and get my corvette as my Christmas present :wink:

Let me know what you guys think !! This was a 2 hr phone call...WOW it wore me out !! Merry Christmas.....


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