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I started a thread under Debt Settlement 'Bronson and Migliaccio'... but I've been told to start a new one now (?) ...

In the process of my debt originally to Compusa, I have now received a validation of my debt from Arrow

AArrow timeline:

Jan '06 letter saying they bought my account, then Jan letter from Bronson Migliaccio

Feb DV Bronson and Migliaccio by registered mail (never responded to my DV)

July Arrow writes again

July 26 I DV Arrow with standard DV from this site (30 days to respond, etc). Unfortunately I did not send via registered mail, I can barely walk, couldn't drive, etc.

Aug 25 Letter from Arrow telling me that if they decide to pursue my case they will validate the debt in accordance with the law, etc. < then 4 1/2 months nothing>

Dec 18 letter from Arrow validating my debt (Compusa/HSBC from '05) and stating that they plan to pursue this case and continue collections activities.

My financial/personal/health situation has not changed since my original post under "Bronson Migliaccio", so I won't go into all details again.

I am very concerned about what to do now!!

What can Arrow do in this case?

What is best plan of action? Should I tell them I have nothing? Wait for their move?

suggestions welcome!!

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