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Fraud Alert ,discouraging???


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Hi folks...Merry Christmas to everybody..

I had to put afraud alert on my credit files.I heard that when creditors see that alert they walk away..Is that true?

I am considering having it removed from my file..

Any info appreciated..

You can have the fraud alert removed.. you just need to contact the Credit Reporting agencies.. If there is a valid reason for one to be on your reports, it should not harm you when you apply for credit.. If it is an extended alert , you have to have a telephone number listed on it to be called for verification before any credit , ect can be extended.. ALso if you do have an extended alert on your report make sure that when you call the creditor that you call from the telephone number listed on your fraud alert... You were given wrong imformation in regards to creditors walking away when they see a fraud alert... It is for your own protection..

attached is a site that will give you additional imformation

have a merry xmas


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