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Hard inquiry from CA (American Agencies)?


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A few days back, I submitted DV letters for several older debts listed on my CRs. I have not yet received the green cards back, but it's only been a couple days.

Today, I signed up for a credit tracking service, and they're listing a hard inquiry yesterday from one of the CAs I sent a letter to.

Are they allowed to do this? I don't know if they had received the letter at the time of the inquiry, but I'm assuming that's what prompted it. Can a CA submit a hard inquiry like that? Can they do it after receipt of a DV letter?

I had been waiting until I got the green cards back to dispute with the CRAs...should I do it ASAP, given this new inquiry?

I'm sort of freaking out about another hard inquiry on my CR, so any advice is appreciated!

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They are allowed to pull an inquiry, but not a hard inquiry. Per my reading of the FCRA, though, it seems that the cause of action would be against the CRA, not the CA.

FCRA 604©(3) [§ 1681b] defines a hard inquiry:

Information regarding inquiries. Except as provided in section 609(a)(5) [§ 1681g], a consumer reporting agency shall not furnish to any person a record of inquiries in connection with a credit or insurance transaction that is not initiated by a consumer.

FCRA 609(a)(5) defines a soft inquiry:

A record of all inquiries received by the agency during the 1-year period preceding the request that identified the consumer in connection with a credit or insurance transaction that was not initiated by the consumer.

The latter section was put in there as a consumer protection measure to show who a consumer's reports were being delivered to.

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