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How to handle medical bills


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[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City], [Your State] [Your ZIP]

Certified Mail #_______________________

[Date of this Letter]

[Hospital Name]

[Hospital Address]

[Hospital City], [Hospital State] [Hospital ZIP]

Re: Account number: [The Account Number from your bill.]

Notice of Unconscionable Adhesion Contract

Dear Sirs:

I am writing with regard to the above-referenced Account. I am in receipt of your invoice dated [Date of the Statement].

Notice is hereby given that I find the Contract underlying said Account to be an adhesion contract, and that certain terms and conditions of said Contract are unconscionable. I find the paragraph dealing with financial responsibility to be particularly unconscionable, and I hereby challenge the veracity of your charges for the following reason:

There is no objective standard upon which you have agreed to base your charges.

I have good reason to believe that your charges are not the same for every patient placed under your care, and that if I were a third-party payer and/or large insurance company, you may have charged me considerably less for identical services.

Further, you have never provided me with a list of services and/or materials rendered which is understandable to me, a layman. I don't even have a copy of the Contract.

Accordingly, the "AMOUNT DUE" listed in the above-referenced Invoice is hereby refused for cause, without dishonor, and I hereby make the following good faith demands with which you must comply prior to making further demand for payment:

1. Provide me with a true and complete copy of the Contract underlying this Account;

2. Provide me with a list of charges which is reasonably understandable to a layman;

3. Agree on a reasonable third-party standard upon which these charges will be based.

Notice is hereby given that due to the nature of the Contract, and the appearance of bad faith with which it was drafted and presented to me under circumstances of duress, I must consider the Contract voidable. However, it is not my intention to void said Contract, provided you comply with my above-stated Demands.

Accordingly, you are hereby placed in a condition of estoppel by contract, and are therefore barred from any further attempts to collect the alleged debt until said Demands are met.

Notice is further given that if you proceed with attempts at collection after receipt of this Notice, and prior to compliance with the herein-contained Demands, then I may, at my option, declare the underlying Contract Null and Void, and any claims pursuant thereto will be groundless.

In fulfillment of Demand #3, I hereby offer to accept your currently agreed schedule of fees with Blue Cross Blue Shield as a reasonable third-party standard.

Please notice that the commonly accepted principles of good faith demand that if you have any reasonable objections to this Notice and Demand, then you immediately state any and all such objections, and not harbor any hidden objections with which to surprise me later. Therefore it is my reasonable expectation that for any part of this Notice and Demand, as well as my Offer regarding Demand #3, of which you do not offer specific objections within thirty-days of your receipt of Same, that I may presume your agreement. Silence presumes acquiescence.

It is very important to me to henceforth keep a written record of everything which transpires with regard to this Matter, so as to avoid any and all possible misunderstandings. Therefore, please contact me only in writing, and not by telephone.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this Matter.


[Your Signature]

[Your Name]


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