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NSF Fees


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UCC Code for the state of TN. says that you can charge up to $30.00 for an NSF check.

My question is why can my back charge me $32.00? Are they violating state code?

If they are can I get refund for this?

This is what the code states:

47-29-102. Handling charge. -

When any check, draft, or order is not paid by the drawee because the maker or drawer did not have an account with or sufficient funds on deposit with the financial institution, or the draft, check, or order has an incorrect or insufficient signature thereon, the payee of such check, draft, or order is authorized to assess a handling charge against such maker or drawer in an amount not to exceed thirty dollars ($30.00).

[Acts 1988, ch. 868, § 5; 2005, ch. 349, § 1.]

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