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First Premier is REWARDING me!

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Yeah, right, and pigs are flying outside!

"Due to your excellent history with FP, your are guarantted a second FP cc with a separate account and spending credit limit!"

The nerve of these people! I'm throwing a party the day I close my FP account, and get rid of them for good.

I'll probably close Orchard, too, because I don't want anything with an annual fee.

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Dunno, I never had a FP limit higher than $350. I don't recall if that was my initial limit or not (I had two cards with them).

I always found them to be THE nicest people to deal with. When I was late all the time, I was usually relieved when it was them calling. Sad, isn't it?

I still heart them. I'd have another FP card in a second if they offered something above subprime. Weird, I know, but when dealing with Amex Platinum reps (and Ritz-Carlton reps) all day, the only people whose phone manners approached the high end in the subprime market is FP.

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Most people are nice when they're screwing you.

It's not just that, though. The phone manners of most help personnel are abysmal. After I went through training on it (and had to listen to tapes of people, including myself as a res agent), I started getting more picky about who I wanted to talk to on the phone.

The First Premier agents have better phone manners than people at almost any other company I've dealt with.

Plus, I always know I'm talking to someone living in South Dakota, they have kind of a cool accent.

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