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CAs approve debt was not mine, in writing.


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I had 4 CAs asking me to pay for different types of loans and amounts.

Finally last week after all the information from here all 4 CAs sent me letters "we acknowledge that the debt is not yours and have asked the CRA's to delete them"

Before the letters came to me I disputed the 4 CAs with big 3 and now nothing seems to happen. No change of any sort in all 3 reports of the 4 CAs disappearing.

When I try to start a new dispute for those accounts with the CRAs, it notifies me, “account already in dispute and may take 45 days….”

I want them off my CR ASAP coz I have to apply for my student loan for spring 2007

What should I do.? Seems to me the letter was just for my satisfaction. When I call the CRA's they answer me "account is under investigation, wait 30-45 days". When I tell the CRAs I have a letter from the CA acknowledging the debt is not mine, they reply me back "start a new dispute/investigation".

Soo confused, what can i do.?

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