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Are 341 hearings open to the public?


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The 341 hearings are, generally, public, but so is your BK petition once it's filed. Here the 341 meetings are not in a courtroom, but in a room set aside just for that purpose - anyone can come in and sit down.

I went with my cousin when she had her 341 hearing. One of her creditors showed up and asked questions. The seating was like those hotel banquet chairs and the chairs were about 1/3 full, probably about 50 people in the room. The questions were asked aloud by standing, being clear enough so the judge and the person filing could hear and answer. Cousin had to stand to answer.

I'm sure glad I didn't have to go through that. Gah. I'd flunked speech twice by then, lol. (Finally passed it.)

This was in California, in San Bernardino or some such. Way the heck out there.

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