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Should I try to re-open an old credit card account?


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It has been awhile since my last post. I filed BK7 in 2002.

Since then I have:

1)I graduated from college in 2004 and I have a decent paying full time job.

2) I have 8 credit cards and closed 1 credit card account for a total of 9: The first card I got was the Chevron Gas Card (also referred to as the chevron re-builder card) with a limit of $300, then I got an Orchard Bank Silver Card with a $500 limit and an initial registration fee of $49 and an annual fee of $49 and then I asked for a credit limit increase and was approved for a $1,100 limit but I had to pay a fee for the increase,then I got a First Premier Gold Visa with a limit of $250 an annual fee of $39 and was charged a "sign up fee" and then you have your month participation fee that equals $72 per year or $6 per month on your card and they still have not increased my credit limit since I had the card, then I got an Aspire Card with a $1,000 credit limith with no annual fee, then I applied for a Bowflex account issued by HSBC (Household Bank) and was approved for a $3,000 credit card, then I got an Orchard Bank Platinum Card with a $1,200 credit limit and no annual fee, and then a Chase card with a $1,500 credit limit and no annual fee, and I just got approved for my first store credit card from Belk-Leggett issued by GE Money Bank with a limit of only $300 (I was really shocked to get a store card because I have applied quite a few times over the last 4 years and been denied everytime.

3) I have about $32,000 in student loans

4) I have $2,000 left owing on my car

5) Earlier this week I was approved for a $5,000 credit card consolidation loan from the local credit union. So my cards will be payed off and will have a zero balance soon.

6) Tonight I applied for a new account with Bowflex and was approved once again for a $3,000 credit limit. I only did this to increase my debt to income ratio, not with the intetion of using the card at all.

Finally...The point of the story is, my question:

I opened up my Bowflex credit account with HSBC (Household Bank) in August 2005, and I closed it in July 2006 because I had never used the account. The account was for $3,000, and when I closed it the credit report tradeline was perfect, no lates, always pays as agrees, I mean I never used the account the whole time I had it.

I am looking to buy a house in about 5 years, and so after reading some credit repair articles and information, I was wondering if I should call the customer service department to see if I could open up the old account again and cancel the new one being since they were for the same amount by the same company. I called and asked them this, and they said no because the window to re-open an account is 3 months, and I closed the account in July and its now December. I want to have the most positive credit history with the longest amount of time as possible when I apply for my house.

Question: So should I pursue and write a good will letter to the Executives and CEOs at the company HSBC (Household Bank0)to try and re-open the old account and cancel the new one or just accept the new account I have and just go with the new one or what/

So, the post was so long for a simple question...just covering everything.

Thanks for any help, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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