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Applying In Triple ?

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Hello again folks...

LUKOIL,CENTURY 21,and HARVARD ALUMNI cc,s issued JUNIPER. I need them all so badly..However I do NOT want to have 3 hard inqs.

How should apply for them?

1-online back to back?

2-online every other hour?

3-or should apply apply for them all on the same phone call?

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Thanx earthangel,what did you mean by"Its possible I didn't wait forlong time to apply"

Also the hard pulls by juniper were on Transunion?

I meant that maybe I should've waited a few hours instead of a few minutes. I'm not quite sure how it works; so I can't say for certain if that was the reason. All I know is that they pulled my TU credit report twice. (Not like I really care since I use *b* to get rid of them:D.)

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