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If I've only learned one thing in my credit repair journey...


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It's to stay on top of things and not take someone's word for it over the phone. I've instilled this into my SO as well and I think it's a lesson lots of us need to learn.

Case in point...

My SO took the neighbor's kid to the doctor's office last weekend while his mom was at work. She made a point to pay the bill in full (she got the money from his mom afterwords) while there.

Today we get a letter in the mail billing us another $100+ dollars for his visit. So she called over there from work to check it out. There was a clerical error and they fixed it over the phone. In addition, she made sure that the office faxed her an updated bill with a $0 balance. She's even going to call in another month just to make sure it's still fixed.

Sure, maybe the guy would've fixed it anyway. But if he hadn't, and she took his word for it, they could've started billing us again next month and assigning it to collection and we all know what happens from there. Maybe her prompting him to send over a fax insured he did it correctly right away and didn't put it off til later and forget.

I've read a lot of horror stories on consumer credit boards that usually go something like: "We moved and there was a billing error. We called and they said they'd fix it. Two years later a CA is coming after us out of the blue and the OC has no record of any error."

All it takes is for someone who works in billing to not do things right all the way. Maybe the set the bill aside or ignore it knowing it's a mistake. Then they quit/get fired/get promoted and the next person comes along and finds it and wonders why such and such bill was never paid. Nobody knows anything, so they just assume it's owed.

Now it's still remotely possible the above could happen to us, but we have written proof of their mistake on company letterhead should anything bad happen.

Just thought I'd share.

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that is excellent advise..

the one thing I learned is to monitor, monitor and then monitor again at the same time as keeping all your records.

Case in point - I paid off a cap one auto loan in Sept and Cap one reported such in the Sept updating. For some reason in Nov a 30 day late popped up on TU from Nov 2004. I caught this right away with my daily monitoring and immediately pulled my older reports, made copies and sent to TU. It was fixed and I was mailed a new copy. Of course I didn't need this new copy because I had my daily monitoring and saw when it was repaired.

I think catching these items quickly and staying on tiop of things is key.

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